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Linux bug fixed: Graphrex 0.54

Thanks to a report direct from Per, we found out about a bug under Linux that was causing spurious FileNotFound errors. We fixed that in this new version 0.54. Keep those bug reports coming!

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Another bug fix: Graphrex 0.5.3

This version fixes a bug in the drawing of Alternatives and Repetition figures that appeared with Eclipse v3.7 (Indigo). Thanks go to ‘Chief37’ who reported it in the forum.

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More bug fixes: Graphrex 0.5.2

Graphrex 0.5.2 is another bug fix release. To all those who contacted us to report bugs and wishlist items: thank you. Please use the forums to provide this kind of feedback which helps to guide our development priorities. Bug Fixes … Continue reading

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Graphrex 0.5.1: bug fix release

Graphrex 0.5.1 is a bug fix release. It fixes problems with some of the new features in Graphrex 0.5. We urge all users to install this update. Bug fixes A regular expression that included an un-matched ‘}’ or ‘]’ character … Continue reading

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Graphrex 0.5: Import/export regular expressions via the clipboard, better graphics, and more

Graphrex 0.5 introduces tools to help you import and export regular expressions to Java code. It also has improved graphics to make diagrams clearer and more responsive to users, and other enhancements. Regular expressions can now be imported and exported … Continue reading

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Auto test, Help and Preferences: now with Graphrex 0.4

Automatic testing of your regex is now the default in Graphrex beta 0.4, along with extensive Help and more control over the plugin’s function and appearance with new Preference pages. With automatic testing turned on (the default), the regular expression … Continue reading

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Understanding complex regular expressions in Graphrex 0.3

Version 0.3 of Graphrex makes it easier to see which parts of your regular expression correspond to elements in the visualization of that expression. Now selecting a diagram element  highlights the corresponding part of your regular expression. As an example … Continue reading

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Test your regular expression with Graphrex 0.2

Now you can test your regular expression with Graphrex. As well as the unique visualization introduced in the first version, now with version 0.2 Graphrex enables you to run a regex against test text and get visual feedback about matches, … Continue reading

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Announcing Graphrex 0.1.0 (beta)

We are happy to announce the availability of Graphrex 0.1.0 beta (build 201007221143), a free plugin for Eclipse. Graphrex contributes a new graphical way to understand the structure and flow of Java regular expressions. Take the Graphrex walkthrough to see … Continue reading

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