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Graph node "|" problem


7:18 am
January 24, 2012


New Member

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Graph representation of "a|b" regular expression is incorrect. The "b" node is not connected to Finish. 

I can't find how to post a picture from my local harddrive… 


Eclipse Indigo x64

Java 6u30 x64

Windows 7 sp1 x64

4:49 pm
January 26, 2012



posts 10

Yes, sorry about that problem. I just uploaded a new version 0.53 that I think fixes it.

Thanks for reporting this bug. It was due to a change in the way that PrecisionPoint is implemented in the new version of GEF that ships with Indigo.


Croton Research

7:25 am
January 29, 2012


New Member

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New version fixes this bug. Thank you


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