Download Graphrex

Download graphrex iconGraphrex is a free plugin for Eclipse. Like other plugins, it can be installed by any of three methods.

Method 1: Install Graphrex from the update site.

Recent versions of Eclipse include an easy way to install or update plugins like Graphrex. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • The details are different for different versions of Eclipse so you may have to mouse around a bit to adapt these instructions to your particular case. These will work as-is for recent versions of Eclipse.
  • In Eclipse, select Help > Install New Software
  • Select the Add button and enter “Graphrex” as the name, and the URL then press OK.
  • Select the checkbox next to “Graphrex” and press Next to advance through the wizard and complete the installation.
  • If you get a message saying that the installation needs one of the jar files from GEF (The Eclipse graphical editing framework), you will need to install GEF from its own update site:
  • Get started by reading A Graphrex walk-through.

Method 2: Install Graphrex into the dropins directory

As an alternative to using the update site mechanism, we provide a zip file that you can simply put in your Eclipse installation’s dropins directory at <Your Eclipse Root>/eclipse/dropins.  There’s no need to unzip it. (See this page for a detailed description of the dropins directory.) Or you can put the zip file in another folder that you point to from a link file that you create in the dropins directory.

In order to download the zip file you must read the license agreement and accept its terms.

I accept:

(Deprecated) Method 3: Install Graphrex by unzipping it into the plugins directory

This is by far the worst way to do it because it makes it really difficult for you to update your Graphrex installation. In the distant past it was the normal way to do things. But now we don’t recommend it or support it. We strongly suggest that you use the update site method, or if you prefer, the dropins method.