Auto test, Help and Preferences: now with Graphrex 0.4

Automatic testing of your regex is now the default in Graphrex beta 0 buy cialis overnight delivery.4, along with extensive Help and more control over the plugin’s function and appearance with new Preference pages.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

With automatic testing turned on (the default), the regular expression is automatically matched against any test text that you have provided. The matching happens each time you edit the regular expression or the test text. As in earlier versions, any matches will be highlighted in the test text, and you can select a match to see more information about any capture groups that matched. You can control the auto test feature with the new Graphrex Preference pages (Window > Preferences > Graphrex).

We have also enhanced the user interface in version 0.4 so that it is easier to tell when the regular expression has been edited and no longer corresponds to the visualization diagram displayed in the editor. Now you will know when this happens because the diagram will be grayed out. As before, just click outside the Regex View to re-create the diagram from the regular expression text.

Let us know how you like the new extensive Help text. It includes some of the content from the Graphrex web site, as well as a lot of new material. You can now control the font used in the diagram and elsewhere by setting a preference. See Help for advice on selecting a good font if you don’t like the default. This should be particularly useful for people who are working on platforms other than Windows and Mac.

Bug fixes

  • Match flags set within a group were being applied globally from then on, not locally within the group. Now they only apply within the group.