ShareAKiss Privacy Policy

The ShareAKiss app does not collect or store any information about individual users other than that which may be included in scenario files by users. A scenario file is the general term for either the kiss file or the eCard file created by different editions of the ShareAKiss app.

Data included in a scenario is controlled by the user. When the user uses ShareAKiss to create or modify a scenario (i.e. a scenario file), he or she may type in text for captions and other uses. In addition, the user may choose images for use in the scenario. To allow the users to select the images the app may read and display any pictures of contacts, with their names, that are present on the device, if the user gives permission to do so. The app may also read and display other pictures, such as camera photos or downloaded images, but again, only if the user gives permission. ShareAKiss can also access profile pictures of some of the user’s Facebook friends (those who use the ShareAKiss app and who have given permission) and of Twitter users, but in both cases the access occurs only if the ShareAKiss user gives permission to do so by logging on to those services from inside the ShareAKiss app when prompted to do so.

Users therefore control what data is included in a scenario. The data only leaves the user’s device when the user shares the scenario with another person or persons, at which point ShareAKiss uploads the scenario file to a private server and creates a special link to that data.  The user chooses a messaging app and creates a message that shares the link with other people. By tapping on the link, the recipients open their copy of the appropriate edition of the ShareAKiss app and download the scenario.

Users should also be aware that once a scenario is shared with another person that person can choose to make it public by copying the link to a third party, who also will be able to download the scenario to their copy of the appropriate edition of the ShareAKiss app and view the photos and text that it contains.

In order to repair problems with the ShareAKiss app, and to get insights into how it might be improved, Croton Research LLC collects anonymous information about how the app is used, including reports about crashes, and sends it to a service that stores such information so that it can be used to improve the app. Individual users are not identified in this information.

If your version of ShareAKiss shows advertising, please note that Croton Research LLC has no control over the collection of information by ad providers, whose own privacy policies apply to that information if any.

Croton Research
January 2018.